Trampoline 305 cm green Spokey JUMPER

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Spokey JUMPER trampoline is not only the perfect way to have fun with family and friends. It is primarily spending time outdoors and improving overall physical condition, as well as accelerating the burning of calories.
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Spokey JUMPER garden trampoline 305 cm

  • provides the maximum level of safety while playing thanks to the use of high mesh and foam-protected elements,
  • has a durable, waterproof jumping surface with a diameter of 263 cm,
  • it is equipped with stable, double-reinforced U-shaped legs, a metal ladder and an entrance with a zipper.

Spokey JUMPER II garden trampoline is not only the perfect way to have fun with family and friends. Above all, it is a trustworthy product, the most important feature of which is to ensure maximum safety while jumping. Children, teenagers and adults love to spend time outdoors, which is why we have created a trampoline that will satisfy everyone and at the same time meet the expectations of the most demanding users. By choosing a trampoline, you provide your child with a safe, healthy form of physical activity, which has an invaluable effect on improving motor coordination or correcting posture defects.

Safe fun full of passion

JUMPER II is a complete product, made of the highest quality materials. It meets all standards for quality, safe and comfortable use. It has foam-protected posts, to which the mesh sewn in the upper part can be mounted in an extremely fast and convenient way. Just pull it over the posts using the tunnels built into it and ... start having fun! For the highest safety when jumping on the trampoline, the springs are reinforced, galvanized and covered with foam. What's more, their number provides excellent shock absorption and bounce dynamics.

Awake your childhood joy

Spokey garden trampolines integrate the whole family through great fun. With a massive U-shaped leg system, they are extremely stable, even during the most dynamic jumps. They have security in the form of a protective net and an entrance closed with a zipper as well as a buckle that protect against accidental jumping out of the trampoline. For maximum comfort when getting in and out, JUMPER is also equipped with a metal ladder. No wonder that the Spokey trampoline in various colors is a dream not only of children, but also of adolescents and adults. You can perform countless stunts in the air on the waterproof, durable jumping surface with a diameter of 263 cm! Jumping also improves our overall physical condition.

Technical data:

  • height from the floor to the mat: 65 cm,
  • total height (from the floor): 245 cm,
  • mesh height: 180 cm,
  • diameter of the jumping surface: 263 cm,
  • diameter of the trampoline with the frame: 305 cm,
  • metal ladder,
  • 6 mesh supports secured with foam,
  • 3 U-shaped legs,
  • safe posts,
  • internal mesh - security, closed with a zipper and a buckle,
  • CE certificate,
  • number of springs: 54 pcs,
  • spring cover: yes,
  • maximum load: 100 kg.

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