Stunt scooter Spokey OBSYDIAN

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Prepared especially for skatepark riding: the Spokey OBSYDIAN scooter is perfect for doing tricks
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Spokey OBSYDIAN stunt scooter

  • it is light and at the same time very durable, thanks to which it ensures safety during extreme skatepark riding,
  • allows you to perform tricks and barspins at the highest level!
  • has been equipped with 2 pegs that allow slides on the handrails,
  • it has top-class bearings (ABEC-9 Chrome) and wheels (120 mm) designed for freestyle.

Extreme skatepark riding requires the best and safe equipment. The Spokey OBSYDIAN stunt scooter is very durable, resistant to high loads and light at the same time, thanks to which the tricks and barspins performed with it are always at the highest level. It is the perfect choice for both people starting their adventure with a scooter, and experienced skaters.

Made for freestyle riding

The Spokey OBSYDIAN stunt scooter perfectly withstands high loads that occur when riding over urban obstacles or a skatepark. With it, brave maneuvers and high jumps are not scary! OBSYDIAN is perfect for making barspins, bunny hop, one hander, tailwhip and more! It has a large, non-slip platform that increases the comfort of movement and enables comfortable positioning of the foot. The size (120 mm) and hardness (82A) of the wheels have been adapted to extreme performance riding - they ensure smooth movement and allow you to overcome any obstacle while maintaining the right speed and torsion. OBSYDIAN is equipment that will meet all challenges! For maximum comfort of use, it is equipped with a foot brake and non-slip rubber grips on the handlebar, thanks to which you can be sure that your hands will not slip off during freestyle.

Discover new peg tricks

If you're looking for a real challenge, try the Spokey stunt scooter grind! OBSYDIAN has 2 pegs that allow slides on the handrails, a three-pin CNC-made connector and an integrated fork and "one piece" deck. The ultra-durable, top-class ABEC-9 Chrome bearings also contribute to the total comfort of use. This combination of parameters will make OBSYDIAN your favorite choice on the ramp! With such a unique model, you will stand out in the world of skating and you will have equipment at hand that will never let you down.

More Information
Color gray
Bearing ABEC-9 Carbon
Brake pedal
Type uni
Składana no
Material steel, aluminum
Max user weight 100 kg
Norm EN 14619
Steering wheel width 59 cm
Wheels diameter 120 mm
Wheel hardness 82 A
Wheel material PU
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