Yoga and fitness mat Spokey HASA

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The most important advantages

  • anti-slip
  • flexible, durable and resistant to damage
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Spokey HASA yoga and exercise mat:

  • helps you maintain a stable position and balance during exercise and yoga training,
  • is made of TPU, so it is very flexible, durable and abrasion resistant,
  • provides exceptional slip resistance!

HASA is a must-have for every yoga practitioner and home exercise enthusiast. It provides excellent insulation from the ground, and training with it becomes even more comfortable!

Perfect thickness of the mat

Spokey HASA exercise mat is the best choice when training at home. Its size (180 x 60 cm) and 0,4 cm thickness are the assurance of comfortable, pleasant, and safe exercises. It was created to provide stability and balance, and to help control proper body alignment. The material does not absorb moisture which makes the mat easy to keep clean. In addition, the HASA model uses a material that is safe for allergy sufferers.

Comfort during stretching, fitness, and yoga exercises!

Regular training at home brings balance and tranquility to our lives and makes us take a break from our daily responsibilities and reduce stress. Spokey HASA yoga mat will help you take your exercise to the highest level! It is an indispensable item that provides incredible stability and is non-slip. Daily training will cease to be a routine and will become a pleasure. The exercise mat can be used by both beginners and advanced athletes - it will be perfect for practicing yoga, pilates, during stretching exercises or physiotherapy.

Must have of the home workout

Exercising on a mat is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to relax, unwind after a stressful day and at the same time wants to take care of their fitness and slim figure. HASA was made with the practice of yoga in mind, but it can be successfully used for other home exercises. The classic color scheme and design will make it your favorite during your workout!


  • material: TPE - ecological material (renewable sources), recommended for allergy sufferers
  • single-layer
  • anti-slip structure
  • size: 180 x 60 cm
  • thickness: 4 mm
  • cleaning method: by hand with a wet cloth
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