Set of one dumbbell 10 kg Spokey GROUT SET

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The most important advantages:

  • included: 23 mm diameter neck, 2 screw clamps, and 6 weights
  • adjustable weight of dumbbells
  • plastic cover
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Spokey GROUT SET dumbbell:

  • has a non-slip structure that provides a firm grip during exercise,
  • has been adapted for exercise at home,
  • is a set, which consists of: 1x neck (diameter 23 mm), 2 pcs of screw clamps and weights - 2 x 2,5 kg, 4 x 1,25 kg.

If you are looking for sports equipment that will raise the level and quality of your home workout, the Spokey GROUT SET dumbbells will work perfectly! Thanks to exercises with weights you will achieve the results you dream about - strengthen your muscles, improve your condition, or get rid of excess weight.

By buying the Spokey GROUT SET dumbbell you get a set consisting of:

  • a 23 mm diameter neck made of steel with a plastic handle,
  • 2 screw clamps,
  • weights made of cement covered with plastic 2 x 2,5 kg, 4 x 1,25 kg

Advantages of dumbbells

Training at home is characterized by a certain risk of damage to the floor, when, for example, dumbbells fall out of hands. To protect against possible damage, we have prepared the Spokey GROUT SET dumbbells - the plastic cover provides shock absorption and reduces the risk of damage. Importantly, the handle also has a non-slip structure, which increases the comfort of training and further increases the safety of exercise. Properly tightened screw clamps ensure that the loads placed on the griffin are attached stably and do not slip.

Effects of exercises with dumbbells

GROUT SET is an essential piece of equipment for any home gym. It works best for the purposes of shaping muscle parts, with a special emphasis on the biceps. However, the range of exercises possible to perform with dumbbells is much wider! With the use of Spokey GROUT SET dumbbells you will strengthen, among others, the muscles of the biceps and quadriceps of the thigh, calves, shoulders, shoulder girdle, back, abdomen and glutes. The ability to add and remove weights allows you to adjust the weight of the dumbbells according to your training goals and individual needs.


  • Included: 23 mm diameter neck, 2 screw clamps and loads
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