Set of 3 mini resistance bands Spokey FLEX SET

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FLEX SET resistance bands are made of durable material, ensuring their long life. They are recommended by personal trainers. With a set of three bands, you can train anywhere - at the fitness club, at home or outdoors.

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Spokey FLEX SET mini resistance bands set:

  • is a must-have for every home gym - they are perfect for stretching exercises, during fitness, aerobic, pilates, yoga or crossfit training,
  • are three rubbers with different resistance levels (weak, medium and strong), with a shape of circle that will diversify your training and engage the muscle groups you care about!

Personal trainers and professionals agree that exercising with resistance bands is an indispensable element in building form and caring for your own figure. Thanks to them, you can diversify your training so as to involve specific muscle groups, especially those you care about. They successfully replace most of the training equipment, e.g. kettlebell or dumbbells.

Diversified training with mini resistance bands

FLEX SET is a set of 3 mini resistance bands with different resistance and thickness:

  • 500 x 50 x 0.4mm - 2-4 kg,
  • 500 x 50 x 0.8mm - 10-12 kg,
  • 500 x 50 x 1.2mm - 30-35 kg.

Thanks to this, they are an excellent choice for both beginners, professionals and people undergoing rehabilitation. Low resistance levels ​​will allow you to develop the correct exercise technique and prepare the muscles for greater effort. Higher resistance level is an option for people who like to squeeze 200% of the norm out of their muscles. The Spokey FLEX SET allows you to perform a varied training. They will be the best choice for general development, rehabilitation and aerobic exercises.

Effects of exercises with resistance bands

Spokey FLEX SET is a set of mini bands that is perfect for home use. All it takes is a little space to start warming up and reach your own fitness goals. Due to their properties and length, they allow you to expand the range of exercises. They are not only a perfect addition to training, but its permanent point! Circle shape resistance bands will prove themselves wherever a shorter range and higher resistance is required.

More Information
Length50 cm
Resistancelight, average, hard
Set items count3 pieces
Width5 cm
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