20 kg weight vest Spokey ENDOW

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Key benefits:

  • for fitness, strength training, and running
  • the possibility of adjusting the weight of the load
  • strong, durable, and rigid
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Weight vest Spokey ENDOW:

  • is designed for fitness training, strength training, and running - thanks to the use of weights, exercises become more intense, and results become visible faster,
  • it has a possibility to adjust the included weights from 1 to 20 kg by adding or removing them from the many available pockets,
  • it is made of special oxford fabric to achieve maximum strength, durability and rigidity.

The Spokey ENDOW is the optimal complement to fitness, strength training, and running. By using weights, training becomes more intensive and the results are visible faster. And with the ability to adjust the weight of the vest you can adapt the number of weights to your current form or training plan. The use of weights intensifies your workout and makes additional muscle areas involved. This equipment will help you achieve the intended effects of training - from burning fat tissue and ending with the development of muscle mass.

Adjustable load

When training with the weight vest, the whole body's muscles are worked. Depending on the exercises performed, the upper or lower body, back, and abdomen can be more active, thus reducing body fat, strengthening muscle mass, and improving fitness. With the ability to adjust the weight of Spokey ENDOW vest from 1 to 20 kg you can adapt the quality of training to your needs! Simply add or subtract steel weights, each of which weighs 1 kg. Moreover, a large number of pockets allows you to distribute the weights naturally and evenly!

Tough, durable and rigid

Spokey ENDOW vest is made of special oxford fabric, which allowed to achieve maximum strength, durability and stiffness. This provides comfort, especially in the zone most vulnerable to abrasions. It is securely fastened with a wide belt and adjustable straps, which allows you to adjust the vest with weights to the posture of the exerciser, including the chest circumference.

Technical data:

  • material: oxford, PP
  • filling: metal balls 
  • large number of pockets for loads
  • load adjustment from 1 to 20 kg
  • removable weights made of steel in the set, each weighing 1 kg
  • width: 36 cm
  • height to arms: 59 cm
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