We want to ensure that every product you buy in our shop will meet your expectations, so we offer a 30-day return period without giving a reason. Nevertheless, we would really appreciate any provided reason for such a decision, because each opinion is very valuable to us and allows for continuous development of Spokey's offer.

Returns should be sent to the following address: Spokey sp. z o.o. PrologisPark Chorzów Hala DC4, ul. Niedźwiedziniec 10, 41-506 Chorzów

Once we accept your return, we will refund you the value of the products you have purchased plus the cost of the original shipment with the same payment method you used while placing an order. In the event that we receive the returned goods in an unsuitable condition, the return will be voided and the products will be send back to you. Returned products may not be used.

Importantly, we do not accept returns with the "cash on delivery" option. Once the warehouse verify the condition of the returned goods, we will be able to process a refund. If their condition precludes the acceptance, they will be returned to the sender. Within 14 days, we will make a transfer to the previously indicated bank account for the returned products.