Tourist sleeping pad with an elastic band Spokey CAMOS

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Key benefits:

  • lightweight, easy to roll and transport
  • excellent insulation against the ground
  • elastic band
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Sleeping pad Spokey CAMOS

  • comes with an elastic band for easy transport,
  • is made of XPE foam, thanks to which it has increased mechanical resistance and does not crease,
  • provides excellent insulation from the ground and maximum sleeping comfort,
  • it is light, easy to roll and transport.

The mat is essential for every successful tenting, camping, and bivouacking trip. It provides the necessary insulation from the ground and allows for comfortable rest in the field. That is why it is worth betting on a reliable model, which will not be an unnecessary burden and will allow you to regenerate sleep in all conditions. This is what the Spokey CAMOS foam sleeping pad is like! It is large (180 x 50 cm), perfectly insulates from the ground, and at the same time does not constitute an unnecessary ballast to carry.

Ultra-light and compact sleeping pad

Spokey CAMOS tourist mat takes up little space when rolled up. It is perfect for mountain treks, tent trips, and camping. With this mat, you will prepare a place to rest in a fast and convenient way. Its thickness (0,8 cm) provides an excellent protective layer from the ground and makes the unevenness of the terrain no longer perceptible.

Travel sleeping pad for you

If you are looking for a mat that will make your night out in the field, under tents, or in a hostel as comfortable as in your bed, Spokey CAMOS will meet your expectations. After all, it is perfect trekking equipment - it is very light and easy and fast to fold. It does not take up much space among other luggage and you can always have it at hand. The use of XPE foam increases the mechanical resistance of the mat.


  • size: 180 x 50 x 0.8 cm
  • material: XPE
  • rubber band for transportation 
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Dimension180 x 50 cm
Thickness0,8 cm
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