Bike helmet for kids Spokey My Little PONY

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Key benefits:

  • excellent protection of the occiput and forehead thanks to the rigid, extendable visor
  • 6 vents
  • optimum fit around the head with Head Lock adjustment
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Bike helmet for kids Spokey My Little Pony PONY:

  • provides maximum protection for the child's head while riding a bike, skateboard, roller skates, scooter or rollerblades,
  • is ultralight, so it is not an unnecessary burden,
  • has an inner layer of EPS foam, which not only absorbs the impact force during a fall but also perfectly cushions the vibrations resulting from riding on uneven ground,
  • it enables optimal adjustment to a child's head thanks to the Head Lock system,
  • is equipped with 6 ventilation holes so that the child feels maximum comfort during the ride.

Pony are popular heroes from animated series for the youngest My Little Pony. Children have come to love them for their courage, optimism, hard work, and amazing magical abilities. They are friends supporting each other during many funny adventures. Now, they can become your child's companions while riding a bike, roller-skates, or scooter! Bet on Spokey PONY helmet, which protects a child's head from dangerous injuries that can happen during learning as well as dynamic, fast riding. Its unique, fabulous design will delight every little girl.

Safety in a fairy tale style

PONY was designed with the youngest children in mind. The design and colors will make children not want to part with it! It is a gift they dream about. Thanks to its technical features it provides absolute protection for the youngest skating enthusiasts. Wearing a helmet by children is extremely important, especially when they make their first steps in the adventure with rollerblades, roller skates, or scooters. After all, learning to ride involves failed attempts and accidental falls. To minimize the risk of abrasions and injuries, we have developed a helmet that protects the head, especially the occiput and forehead, and is almost imperceptible when worn and does not add unnecessary weight, weighing only 200 g (-/+ 10).

Ultralight helmet with Head Lock adjustment

Spokey My Little PONY helmet is perfect for kids because it has a very convenient Head Lock regulation system in the range of 48-52 cm and 52-56 cm depending on the size. Thanks to that it grows with your child! The use of a buckle makes it easy to fasten and unfasten without loosening the straps. What is more, it is equipped with 6 ventilation holes, thanks to which the child feels maximum comfort while riding! The inner layer of Spokey children's helmet is EPS foam, which perfectly absorbs vibrations resulting from riding on uneven ground and absorbs the impact force during falls. A bike helmet is CE-certified and complies with EN1078 standard, which means that it has passed all necessary safety tests. That is why it is an ideal choice for starting your sporting adventure.

Technical data:

  • Weight: 200+/-10g
  • Adjustment: Head Lock
  • Excellent protection of the occiput and forehead thanks to the rigid, extended visor
  • Outer shell: PVC
  • Inner layer: EPS
  • Quick fastening under the neck
  • Number of ventilation holes: 6
More Information
Type of helmetbike
Additional featureheadlock system
Outer shellPVC
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