Acrylic picnic blanket 180x210 cm Spokey PICNIC SUNSET

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Three-layer picnic blanket that provides excellent thermal insulation, but also waterproof (the blanket can be spread even on wet ground). The blanket is very lightweight, hence easy to transport. When folded, it takes the shape of a bag additionally equipped with a handle. Indispensable during beachcombing, picnicking and camping.


Acrylic picnic blanket Spokey PICNIC SUNSET:

  • it is impermeable to water and moisture thanks to the bottom layer made of aluminum, so it can be spread even on a damp surface,
  • it is extremely easy to clean - sand particles do not stick to it,
  • it is made of three layers (acrylic fabric, PE foam, aluminum foil), thanks to which it provides excellent thermal insulation, is waterproof from the bottom and at the same time pleasant to touch,
  • is the best choice for holiday sunbathing and weekend picnics with family or friends thanks to its large size (210x180 cm),
  • has a detachable, adjustable strap for easy transport.

Spokey PICNIC SUNSET is a picnic blanket that will make your holiday sunbathing or weekend picnics with family and friends even more enjoyable. It is very large (180x210 cm), extremely light (weighs only 830 g), and when folded it turns into a small cube (dimensions: 37 x 28 x 9 cm), which you can always have with you. What's more, it has a long, detachable strap with adjustable length that allows it to be carry over the shoulder and ensures convenient transport.

Waterproof and easy to clean picnic blanket

The Spokey PICNIC SUNSET picnic blanket is distinguished not only by its unique design, but most of all by its features that will make every moment of relaxation totally comfortable! Thanks to the use of three layers: acrylic fabric (120 g / m2), 2 mm PE foam and aluminum foil, the blanket perfectly insulates from an uneven and hard surface. What's more, it is waterproof, provides a moisture barrier and does not cling to particles of sand and dirt. This makes it much easier to clean! It can be successfully spreaded even on wet grass! The top layer of PICNIC SUNSET is made of acrylic fabric reinforced with PE foam, which makes the beach blanket soft and pleasant to the touch.

Comfortable rest with family and friends

If you are looking for a proven solution to enjoy relaxing on grass or sand, the Spokey PICNIC SUNSET picnic blanket was created for you! With it, holiday sunbathing or picnics with family and friends will be even more enjoyable. It is distinguished by a unique design - it catches the eye and looks great both on a sunny beach and on lush grass. It is a very large blanket (210 x 180 cm) that allows you to freely spread snacks, drinks and food among a wide group of friends.

Technical data:

  • material: acrylic fabric (120 g / m2), 2 mm PE foam, aluminum foil
  • weight: 830 g
  • dimensions: 180 x 210 cm
  • dimensions after folding:37 x 28 x 9 cm
  • thermal isolation
  • waterproof bottom
  • acrylic fabric easy to clean from sand
More Information
Bottom materialaluminum
Dimension180 x 210 cm
Materiał wewnętrznyPE foam
Top materialacrylic
Additional featuresfolding, insulated bottom
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