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Electric treadmill for home use, power 2 HP, speed 18 km/h, 120 kg, 12 programs, running belt dimensions 46 x 130 cm, transport wheels, safety key, time, distance, calories, pulse, HRC.

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Spokey Movena 2 HP treadmill, 18 km/h, 120 kg

The Spokey Movena treadmill is an indispensable piece of equipment in a home gym. You do not have to give up training due to smog, rain, frost or any other factors. The equipment has a modern vibration damping system, so the comfort of training is really great not only for the user, but also for other household members. In everyday use, transportation wheels and the ability to fold and hide the treadmill are also useful. It's a good choice for beginners - the control panel is ergonomic and intuitive.

The modern solutions

The treadmill has the SP QUALITY & SUPPORT system, which means high durability and an appropriate selection of materials. The aforementioned S.A.S. Shock absorption system - absorbs vibrations while running, reducing stress on joints. Additionally, the ECP system (Ergonomicaly designed control panel) allows for an easy and intuitive way to control the device. There is also a multimedia dock on the panel, where you can put a tablet and enjoy your favorite music or movies while running. The treadmill has a built-in pulse sensor - so you no longer need additional devices to exercise safely and effectively.

Even more training possibilities

The Movena treadmill also has a computer that allows you to choose the right training for your needs and measure time, distance, speed, calories burned, heart rate and HRC. Pre-loaded 12 programs for both beginners and advanced learners help you diversify your daily runs. You can follow all parameters on LED displays.

With Movena treadmill you can run at a maximum speed of 18 km/h - so you can easily do a bit faster workout. You can also choose from 12 different levels of the belt incline and make ascents which are  important for developing your running power without leaving your home.

Technologies used

XPLACE - construction that allows vertical and horizontal storage

SKYRUN - comfort and increased safety of use, thanks to the point shock absorption system during the run

DARK LINE - line of fitness equipment in dark tones. Dominant black and graphite will give your home gym an elegant, subdued look. Red accessories add an individual character to the devices.

 - click and download the FitShow application integrated with this treadmill

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