Acupressure mat with cushion Spokey AKU

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The most important adventages:

  • large mat with cushion
  • amazing health-promoting activities
  • convenient and easy cleaning
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Spokey AKU acupressure mat with cushion:

  • relieves the feeling of fatigue and leads to relaxation of the body,
  • allows you to safely and independently perform full-body acupuncture at home,
  • has an amazing health-promoting effect: it is ideal for eliminating shoulder pain, back pain, spinal pain, and muscle tension.

Using the Spokey AKU cushion acupuncture mat is the best way to reduce hip, back, and headaches, stimulate blood circulation, relieve fatigue and relax. It is equipped with special spike pads that stimulate the whole body and relax pressure points to reduce muscle tension. This releases endorphins, or happy hormones, which bring relief and increase our mood!

Leisure and regeneration at your own home

AKU is a spiked acupuncture mat that is great for both home sessions and for rehabilitation facilities. Its irregular surface, applying point pressure with specially shaped spikes, forces muscle activity, which provides countless health effects. It is ideal for eliminating shoulder pain, back pain, spinal pain, and muscle tension. It is also excellent for insomnia and helps get rid of stress.

Versatile acupuncture set

Spokey AKU massage mat with cushion allows you to perform an innovative method of acupuncture, as instead of sharp needles, pressure in the form of spikes is used, so it can be successfully used independently at home. How to use the acupressure mat? The first contact may cause some discomfort, but after just a few minutes, the muscles will relax and we can enjoy a range of health benefits of acupuncture. The cushion from the Spokey AKU acupressure set is great for neck massage or lumbar support in any position! It's also a great way to perform acupuncture on your hands or legs, even while sitting.

The Spokey AKU acupuncture mat and pillow set is made of cotton with a soft foam insert, and the densely spaced spikes are made of safety plastic (ABS). Thanks to the fact that the pillowcase is removable, the whole thing is very easy to clean.


  • mat size: 137 x 50 cm
  • pillow size: 37 x 15 cm
  • material: cotton + foam + ABS
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