Ankle and wrist weights Spokey HOME JUNGLE 2x 1 kg

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Key benefits:

  • made of neoprene
  • for wrists or ankles
  • the set consists of 2x 1 kg
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Spokey HOME JUNGLE 2x 1 kg ankle and wrist weights:

  • have a velcro fastener, which makes it easy to attach them comfortably and stably during exercise,
  • can be used for both wrists and ankles,
  • are made of neoprene, which raises body temperature and improves blood circulation, influencing the activity of the body.

A set of velcro-fastened weights Spokey HOME JUNGLE is a piece of equipment that optimally complements your workout. If you are looking for something that will increase the intensity of your exercises and thus their effects - the weights are for you! They are designed to strengthen the upper or lower body during fitness training, aerobics, jogging, general training, or rehabilitation.

Two loads for optimized training

The Spokey HOME JUNGLE set consists of 2 loads of the same weight. This allows you to exercise by fastening them on two ankles or wrists or increasing the intensity by putting both on one. Velcro fastening allows you to secure them comfortably and stably while exercising. The weights are flexible enough to easily adapt to the shape of the ankle joint.

Thoughtful neoprene construction

The top layer of HOME JUNGLE weights is neoprene, the properties of which additionally affect the body's activity - by raising the body temperature, and improve blood circulation. Velcro fastening is one of the most durable fasteners. Correctly fastened is characterized by very high reliability.

Strengthen your forearms or legs

The use of Spokey HOME JUNGLE weights intensifies training, stimulates muscle work, and helps activate different areas of the body. It's a good idea to start exercises with a lower load, moving to higher values as your condition improves. HOME JUNGLE weights are designed to look great in a home gym. Available in 3 different weights (from 0,5 to 1,5 kg), you can easily select a load optimally suited to your training goals.

HOME JUNGLE - a collection for your home gym

Exercise mats, fitness equipment, and yoga accessories aligned with the latest trends in both the world of sports and design. The latest HOME JUNGLE collection combines quality and functionality with mysterious floral motifs to provide the best equipment for any home gym.

Technical data:

  • material: neoprene
  • filling: metal shot
  • possibility to strengthen forearms and legs
  • included: 2x 1 kg
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