Fitness band; medium Spokey HOME JUNGLE

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Key benefits:

  • made of durable cotton
  • adds variety to your exercises, engaging the muscle parts you care about
  • 25 kg resistance
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Hard Spokey HOME JUNGLE fitness band

  • is the perfect support for stretching, fitness, pilates or yoga exercises,
  • was made of durable cotton, so it does not deform and can withstand extremely strong stretching,
  • with 25 kg of resistance, it helps add variety to your exercises, engaging the muscle parts you care about.

The use of HOME JUNGLE closed-circuit fitness band during training allows you to maximize the effects of your workout and focus on the parts of the body you care about most. Thanks to it, training your arms, legs, thighs or glutes will be incredibly effective. HOME JUNGLE fitness band in the hard version with a resistance of 25 kg is made of very strong cotton, so it does not deform and can withstand strong stretching.

Raise the level of your own exercises

The Spokey HOME JUNGLE resistance band is an excellent choice for both beginner athletes and professionals. It's an invaluable aid in developing proper exercise techniques and as an option for those who like to squeeze 200% of the norm out of their muscles! HOME JUNGLE resistance band works on a similar principle as an expander or yoga belt - it allows you to perform exercises involving stretching and side-to-side movements (such as chest exercises), and due to its characteristics and length, it allows you to expand the range of exercises. Closed-circuit elastics will work well wherever a shorter range and higher resistance are required.

Recommended by personal trainers

HOME JUNGLE is a fitness band that allows you to train anywhere - at the club, at home, in the gym or outdoors. Workout bands are recommended by personal trainers, as they will give you variety in your workout, engaging the parts you care about. TRACY will be an excellent choice for fitness training, pilates, and yoga.

HOME JUNGLE - a collection for your home gym

Exercise mats, fitness equipment, and yoga accessories aligned with the latest trends in both the world of sports and design. The latest HOME JUNGLE collection combines quality and functionality with mysterious floral motifs to provide the best equipment for any home gym.

Technical data:

  • material: cotton
  • dimensions: 32 x 5 cm 
  • resistance: 25 kg
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