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FUNRIDE scooters designed for children over 2 years of age and weighing less than 20 kg. Polyurethane wheels thanks to elasticity , resistance to abrasion and different hardness, allow you to enjoy riding on various surfaces. Certainly, additional joy will be brought by luminous wheels while driving!
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Spokey FUNRIDE Balance scooter for kids

  • as the name says, it brings a lot of joy to kids - it teaches and entertains at the same time, especially with the wheels that glow while driving,
  • has been equipped with an adjustable handlebar, which allows you to optimally adjust it to the child's height. Thus, it will grow with your kid!
  • it is light, stable, extremely safe and, above all, really easy to control!

The most fashionable way of transportation? Definitely a scooter and not only electric or stunt one! The little ones can also participate in the fascinating world of skating. With the Spokey FUNRIDE balance scooter it will be even easier and more exciting. It is the best choice for the beginning of your adventure with sports and equipment that will bring you countless hours of great fun. The three-wheel balance scooter is child's play to steer - to turn, all you have to do is lean in the right direction while tilting the handlebar.

Controlled by balancing the body

For the youngest who take their first steps in the sports world, FUNRIDE is the best choice. You don't have to worry if your child has not dealt with a scooter before - with the Spokey FUNRIDE kids can handle steering and turning without any problems. Just tilt your body in the right direction and balance the handlebar. This method of managing allows for training in maintaining balance and develops proper motor coordination. What's more, riding a balance scooter deepens our kids' love for sports, brings a lot of great fun and prepares the child for a later change to a classic scooter!

Even more fun with the glowing wheels

The Spokey FUNRIDE three-wheel balance scooter is an ideal solution for children who are just taking their first steps in the sports world. The tricycle design makes it much easier to keep your balance. Made of light, durable materials, it will satisfy even the most demanding small users. The FUNRIDE scooter is designed for children over 2 years of age and weighing up to 20 kg. Polyurethane (PU) wheels, thanks to their elasticity, abrasion resistance and different hardness, allow you to enjoy riding on various surfaces. But these are not their only advantages! Certainly, additional joy will be brought by the wheels glowing while riding! Therefore, they not only perfectly absorb vibrations resulting from moving on uneven surfaces, but also attract attention. The rear wheel is topped with a foot brake that you just need to step on to stop the balance scooter.

A light, adjustable and, above all, safe balance scooter

Spokey FUNRIDE has the ability to adjust the  handlebar in three ranges, so you do not have to worry that your child will grow out of it quickly. Not only you will easily adjust the height of the scooter to your kid's height, but it will also grow with him, so you can use it for many seasons! In addition, FUNRIDE has a unique handlebar pull-out function, which makes it easy to store and transport. You will have it with you on every walk! FUNRIDE is also extremely light (weighs only 2.14 kg), so it is not a challenge for children over 2 years of age and weighing less than 20 kg. The best quality materials ensure safety and comfort while riding. A balance scooter is the best gift idea. It is maximally safe and comfortable. The soft handlebar grips made of TPR are non-slip, so you can be sure that your child's hands will not slide off while balancing.

Technical data:

  • wheels size: front 118mm, rear 80mm
  • deck and frame material: nylon
  • handlebar material: aluminum
  • grips material: TPR
  • wheel material: PU / LED
  • brake material: PP
  • scooter dimensions (length x width x minimum-maximum height): 52 x 24 x 64-74 cm
  • adjustable height of the handle from the platform: 58-63-75 cm
  • adjustable height of the handle from the ground: 64-69-74 cm
  • usable dimensions of the deck: 29 x 10 cm
  • handlebar width: 23 cm
  • handle length: 11 cm
  • the possibility of removing the handlebar
  • footbrake
  • scooter weight: 2.14 cm
  • maximum user weight: 20 kg
  • compliance with the standard: EN71
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